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From simple microsites, to fully blown custom or WordPress-based websites and ecommerce solutions, our creative team can offer a complete user experience for your customer needs that focuses in driving revenue. Web design used to be a creative process alone, but with the advance in tracking technologies we can now offer design which is measurable and profitable.
Aesthetics are always different for different people so rather than focusing on what we want, we look for inspiration from the website users. Your potential customers. When their behaviour is measured and analysed we can modify designs to reflect their needs and increase the revenue generated through the website.

Why choose us

  • For our experienced Jacksonville FL based web designers
  • To have our user experience & e-commerce experts on board
  • We work on WordPress, Magento, Drupal or any custom application
  • We deliver on time and on budget
  • Because of our success stories
  • We can follow your vision or give you enough to choose from

Our Mission

We are a professional integrated digital marketing agency whose aim is to support our customers to achieve their business objectives through working with The Fox Marketing as a trusted digital marketing partner.

Our Plan

Growth is based on an understanding of your market and business, as our reputation as a growth hacking marketing agency testifies. Market research and an audit of your company's will deliver the biggest returns in the shortest period of time.

Our Vision

As a digital marketing agency, our success is founded upon a philosophy of forward-thinking. We are not interested in the status quo, what worked yesterday, and what everyone else is doing. We are interested in innovative strategies, staying ahead, and continuous improvement.


Specializing in website design, internet marketing, search engine optimization, and website hosting. We have put together a team of professional web designers, programmers and search engine marketing specialists so we can handle all of your internet marketing needs.
Our Primary Goal is Helping You Succeed Our reputation is tied together with the success of your website or internet marketing campaign. We sincerely want to see you succeed and the quality of our work will play a great roll in the level of your success.

Social Media Management

We create a social media marketing strategy for your business. We increase both brand awareness and sales of your products and services.

Web Design

Good web design originates from solid project management skills and in-depth understanding of usability standards and marketing practices

Social Media Marketing

We create a social media marketing strategy for your business. We increase both brand awareness and sales of your products and services.

Social Media Optimisation

We optimise existing social media accounts, creating a joined-up approach across all of your social media networks.

Search Engine Optimisation

Experienced SEO consultants can improve the visibility for the keywords that are relevant to your business.

Pay Per Click

PPC or Pay Per Click (often referred to as PPC advertising or Pay Per Click marketing) is the process of buying keywords.

We provide awesome results to the businesses we work with.

Trusted by hundreds of satisfied clients, Aggressive Growth Marketing is a huge success in one of the world's largest industries.

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Online and Funnel Marketing

What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a model describing the customer journey from awareness of the product to the actual conversion. It has long been a topic of contest and conjecture. We call them funnels because the probability of sales and proceeds gradually decreases at each step. Some people opt out, some lose interest, and some choose another portal. Had this not been the case, terming it as a marketing cylinder would have been better! In an ideal situation, all leads would turn into customers – ten on ten returns. The job of the marketers, hence, is to make sure that most of the leads are turned into customers so that their marketing funnels could distort its ways and turn into a marketing cylinder.


Awareness is the uppermost stage of the marketing funnel. Potential customers are drawn into this stage through marketing campaigns and consumer research and discovery. Trust and thought leadership is established with events, advertising, trade shows, content (blog posts, infographics, etc.), webinars, direct mail, viral campaigns, social media, search, media mentions, and more. Here, lead generation takes place, as information is collected and leads are pulled into a lead management system for nurturing further down the funnel.


Once leads are generated, they move on to the interest stage, where they learn more about the company, its products, and any helpful information and research it provides. Here is an opportunity for brands to develop a relationship with the people in its lead database and introduce its positioning. Marketers can nurture leads through emails, content that is more targeted around industries and brands, classes, newsletters, and more.


In the consideration stage, leads have been changed into marketing qualified leads and are seen as prospective customers. Marketers can send prospects more information about products and offers through automated email campaigns, while continuing to nurture them with targeted content, case studies, free trials, and more.


To get to the intent stage, prospects must demonstrate that they are interested in buying a brand’s product. This can happen in a survey, after a product demo, or when a product is placed in the shopping cart on an ecommerce website. This is an opportunity for marketers to make a strong case for why their product is the best choice for a buyer.


In the evaluation stage, buyers are making a final decision about whether or not to buy a brand’s product or services. Typically, marketing and sales work together closely to nurture the decision-making process and convince the buyer that their brand’s product is the best choice.


You’re here! This is the last stage in the marketing funnel, where a prospect has made the decision to buy and turns into a customer. This is where sales takes care of the purchase transaction. A positive experience on the part of the buyer can lead to referrals that fuel the top of the marketing funnel, and the process begins again.

Incisive marketing strategy inclusive websites and digital campaigns branding that incites emotion advertising that increases market share brochures incentivising sales design is incorporated in all we do.

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